Monday, 8 October 2012

My No. 1 Magic Beauty Product: Nail Magic

Today I want to talk about what I think is one of the best beauty products out there: Nail Magic. This was a beauty secret from the 60's my grandmother passed onto me just before she died and I have not painted my nails without since. You know all these magic products that claim to have these amazing effects but while they might make a difference, they never quite live up to the hype? Nail Magic does exactly what it says on the bottle, and then some - god knows what state my nails would be in by now without it! 
Nail Magic: £9.25 / $5.99

Nail Magic is a nail growth and strengthener  Before my Grandmother let me in on the secret my nails were soft, weak and were always not just tearing but splitting horribly. On the occasion I managed to get my nails smooth and I tried painting them, my nails were so weak the polish would only hold for about 24 hours at the most. It takes about 30 days of use for your to really see the effects, but now because I have been using Nail Magic for the last year my nails are strong, tough, my manicures last forever and with the exception of the time I tried a metallic Yves Saint Laurent nail polish my nails really did not get along with, I have not had a single split, let alone chip or tear. I can also have them painted in lovely, long lasting colour all the time without having to worry about re-painting every few days. 

Nail Magic can be used as a clear polish, a base coat (which is what I go for, it makes a base coat up to the standard of any salon brands I have tried), or a top coat, which I used to do before I fell in love with the Essie ones. Sometimes also if you get an older bottle of Nail Magic if you buy it from some stores who don't sell it as fast it can appear creamy, still perfectly okay but not suitable for a top coat. When your bottle is clear, however, it also makes for a long lasting top coat, stretching my Essie polishes to about 10 days.

I England, Nail Magic is pretty hard to find, though they do sell it on the John Lewis website, though I have not seen it in any of their stores. I usually buy my bottles off of eBay or Amazon. However, here in the US where the formula is from it is much easier to get hold of in places like Walgreens - I picked up this bottle in my local RiteAid.

Has anyone else ever heard of (or tried) Nail Magic before?

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