Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Product Review: L'Occitane Candle For Sight

It always makes me smile when one of my favourite brands gets behind a good cause, so I was really happy to hear about the Candle For Sight one of my all time favourite bath and skincare brands L'Occitane has recently launched as a limited edition. 100% of the proceeds of this wonderful honey candle, sold at £13 go to the Royal National Institue of Blind People. Their eyesight has returned and now it is as good as it ever was, but someone very close to me woke up one morning suddenly unable to see, so after seeing what they went through and what it must be like to either not be able to see at all, or to have lost their eyesight I wholly support any group or charity who wants to give blind people a helping hand. 

As for the candle itself, it has a wonderful, heady honey scent which I think is absolutely delicious, and this has quickly become one of my favourite candles in my collection. I also think the honey like hexagon casing provides a really nice touch. I might go pick up another one of these, not just to support a fantastic cause, but to stock up before these are no longer being made (always the downside to limited edition products!)

Will you be buying a candle for sight? 

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