Sunday, 31 July 2011

Product Review: Boots 17 Falsifeye Mascara

At the same time I was sent the Miami Pop collection from 17 at Boots, they sent me a tube of their brand new Falsifeye mascara. Can I just say, considering I never, ever use cheap mascara, and how I was disappointed with the rest of the stuff they sent, I'm blown away impressed with this mascara. 
Though it looks rather clumpy on the wand, it goes on really, really well and has a really nice formula. I don't have any other cheaper brand mascaras, so I decided to compare it to my favourite go to, badGAL Last by Benefit. 
What really, really surprised me is that in this picture I'm wearing one mascara on one eye, and the other on the other and you can't actually tell the difference. I asked my mother and she thought the £6.49 Boots mascara was the £16.50 Benefit one, it is that good! The 17 mascara is actually on the left, but really amazing, right?

Has anyone else tried the new 17 mascara yet? What do you think?

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Weekly Love [Beauty Edition] - Week 2

+ Getting lots of nail polish and makeup goodies in my care package from Kate!

+ Keiko has posted this incredible everyday eyeshadow tutorial - she's painfully talented at makeup!

+ Playing around with the new Roll On Lip Oils from The Body Shop  - reviews to come soon!

+ Putting together a guest post for one of my favourite beauty blogs about my Benefit makeup obsession - more about that soon!

+ Discovering that E.L.F lip glosses taste like Calpol medicine mixture.

What have you been enjoying this week?

Friday, 29 July 2011

Product Review: Benefit Sugarbomb Blush

I used to go to boarding school, and I vividly remember walking into breakfast in the school dining room one morning and my matron asking if I was okay - I looked really pale and unwell. Actually, I'd just forgotten to put blusher on. With such pale skin, especially in the morning I look quite dead without a good blush. Not only do I use it on my cheeks, but I use a light dusting all over my face to make me look a little bit less like a corpse. The best blush I've ever found that works pink cheeks and all over coverage in one pan is Sugarbomb by Benefit. 
I'd tried a couple of Benefit blushes before and got on with them quite well (Thrrrob, which I purchased twice and Dandelion I had just the once) but none of them quite managed that warm all over the face look. 
I think Sugarbomb manages to give such great all over coverage as well as the right highlights in the right area because it is really 4 colours in one, a nice bases colour, bright pink, deep pink and a pretty peach. 

Otherwise, Sugarbomb is highly pigmented, slightly shimmery and has the same high quality colour finish as the rest of the Benefit blushes (except for Bella Bamba, which has a very different texture). It also smells as great as the rest of the Benefit collection! All Benefit blush boxes cost £23.50, and using it every day one usually lasts me about 6 months. 

What is your favourite Benefit blush box? 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Video Tutorial: Violet Smoky Eyes

So, the other day I posted a picture of my violet smoky eyes on Twitter and a couple of people asked me to do a tutorial - I hope you like it! Even if you are not actually interested in the makeup, this pure train wreck of a video will be sure to put a smile on your face!
I'm using:

Clinique Beach Plum Eyeshadow Duo
MAC Techikohl Eyeliner
Benefit badGAL Lash
I'd love to hear your comments! Should I start making some more videos, or never get in front of the camera ever again?

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Product Review: Witch Anti Blemish Liquid Concealer

A couple of weeks ago I won a Witch Anti Blemish Liquid Concealer in Gem's Twitter giveaway and it arrived last Saturday. 
Until the giveaway I never actually knew that Witch did makeup products, but after a bit of browsing in Tescos and checking out their website I discovered that they've recently launched a line of anti blemish concealer and foundation type products. I don't really wear foundation so the tinted moisturiser is out, but I now really want to try their pressed powder and their Skin Clearing primer. 
The concealer comes in a similar pen to Clinique's Airbrush Concealer and YSL's cult Touche Eclat. I used to use the Clinique version every single day but switched to Benefit's Boi-ing when I found that it gave much better coverage. I was slightly crestfallen when i discovered this concealer came in a pen, because though I've never tried Touche Eclat all the pen concealers I've ever tried have been too thin and not provided very good coverage at all. 
In spite of my initial fears, I love this concealer half to death. I got it in 01 Pale, and it is suitable for my uber pale skin. It is also thick and creamy and thus provides excellent coverage. The swatch above shoes the formula, and never to it I have it blended in, you can just see it if you look closely. The final thing I love about this product was I had the beginnings of a mini breakout on my chin so I used this concealer rather than my usual Benefit version, and the next day my skin was almost completely clear again! 

I really recommend you pick up one of these next time you're in a drugstore or a supermarket. Has anyone else tried it, or any of their other makeup products yet? 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Boots 17 Miami Pop Summer Collection

A few days ago I received a package I'd been really excited about arriving for a while - the Boots 17 Miami Pop summer collection from their press office. 
They sent me the Miami Pop highlighting bronzer (£4.99), the Miami Pop lipgloss (£3.99) and their nail polish in Palm Beach (£2.99). Another nail polish shade, Down Town which is orange is also available, but I'm glad I did not get sent that to because orange really is not my colour!
The powder is really highly pigmented and really shimmery. You get a good amount of product for the price and the packaging is really cute and colourful. 
Here on these swatches you can see what it is like if I put it on heavy, and what it looks like when I blended it with a brush.
This is me with it on my cheeks. I don't like it. Maybe it would be okay on someone with a darker skin tone than mine and used very sparingly, but though this picture is not too bad, on first application I looked like someone out of The Only Way Is Essex. The product also smells very chemical like. However, (though not on me) I did discover that it makes a very beautiful and very highly pigmented eyeshadow. 
I was not sure about the nail polish colour at first, I prefer pastels on my nails but it actually grew on me after a while, especially after I jazzed it up with some silver stripes! The formula went on really well and dried quite quickly. it was not as highly pigmented as I'd like, but I'm used to high end nail polishes and this one did do its job. Slight chips started to appear after 24 hours, but nothing major enough to warrant redoing my nails. That became a necessity after 48, but bear in mind I have no clue where my top coat or base coat are, so I used neither. 

As for the lipgloss it had an okay colour but it looked like, went on like, tasted like and smelt like plastic. Basically, I really hated it and I've tried much better lip products for £3.99 before. I wiped it of after 5 mins and gave my lips a once over with a Lush lip scrub to clear all traces of it. 

The collection is limited edition and only available for about another two weeks, so if you have your eye on something, snap it up quickly!

Has anyone else tried anything from the Miami Pop collection yet? What do you think?

Monday, 25 July 2011

My First Attempt At Nail Art

Yesterday, after some prompting from Gem when I ran into her the other day, I tried my hand at some basic nail art for the first time. 
I tried what I thought would be a easiest starter method (the scotch tape method) using Palm Beach from Boots 17 Miami Pop Collection (review of the full collection to come later this week) as a base with the silver from Topshop's Sandstorm collection for the random triangles. 
I was really, really surprised with and happy with the result. A friend who can't stand nail polish told me that my nails did not actually look that bad, and when I was paying for my drinks in the pub the girl working behind the bar told me they were amazing and I had to explain to her exactly how I did them - not bad for a first attempt!

I'm really excited about what I'm going to try next - does anyone have any ideas or requests? 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Beauty Black Book: Viva La Makeup

Thanks for all your lovely feedback on my first My Beauty Black Book post - I really appreciate it! Today I've caught up with Vida from Ricquetta from Viva La Makeup, a fantastic beauty and book blog with a brilliant layout and crisp clear photos! (The photos in this post are from Ricquetta's blog, thanks Ricquetta for letting me use them!)
Lipgloss: I am not much of a lipgloss wearing person, but on those days that I do need a little extra something, something on my lips, I really love MAC's Kissable Lip Colours in So Vain and Woo Me. I really hope Mac release a few more shades in that formulation.

Lipstick: Mac's Freckletone is probably my all time favourite lipstick for everyday where. When I am feeling a bit more daring I go for Mac's Rebel, which is like this gorgeous deep magenta colour that looks very chic. It's an understated colour that I find does not get as much attention as it deserves.

Mascara: Definitely Makeup Forever's Smokey Lash. If you want black black lashes that are lush and sexy, you need this mascara.

Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow changes according to my mood, the season and even my schedule. On days that I don't have a lot of time I keep it simple with soft brown in the crease and winged black liner. Soft Brown, by the way, is my definite go-to shade, whether it be for a simple look or a dramatic one. Currently, I am loving very rich bronze shades for the summer, like Mac's Bronze eyeshadow and Nars Mekong.

Concealer: Mac's Select Moisture Coverup for subtle concealing and Makeup Forevers Full Coverage Concealer for scars. A little really goes a long way with Makeup Forevers concealer.

Blusher: Any peachy or coral shade has my heart. Mac's Fleur Power, Cantaloupe and Gingerly. From Nars, I love Amour, Lovejoy and Gina. I also really like Mac's Light over Dark mineralized blush for both the cheeks and eyes!

Foundation: Don't get me started on foundation. I am currently in between shades because nothing seems to match my skin. I just stick to a bit of concealing and a light powder.

Eyeliner: Clinique Gel Eyeliner (Black) or Mac's Fluidline in Blacktrack. My favourite pencil eyeliner is Urban Decay's 24/7 in Perversion, which came out as a limited edition liner in the 15 Anniversary set. I LOVE that eyeliner and I really want it to become permanent.

Nail Polish: China Glazes Peachykeen.
Moisturiser: For now, Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. Currently looking for another one.

Face Wash: Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser. It's very gentle and soothing on my sensitive, acne prone skin.

Bubble Bath: Lush Bubble Bar in the Comforter. Smells sooooo good.

Shower Gel: Philosophy's Birthday Cake Shower Gel that I got as a birthday present from Sephora

Shampoo & Conditioner: LOVE Redken's Natures Rescue line! It's the best thing I've ever used on my hair.

Any other products you would say are in your personal 'beauty black book'?

I cannot live without my Clarisonic, which is my must have skin care item. It has made a dramatic difference in the texture and condition of my skin.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Weekly Love [Beauty Edition] - Week 1

+ The concealer I won in Gem's giveaway from Witch Skincare and lots of goodies from the Boots 17 press office arriving in the post to review!

I love this feature on Into The Gloss with ITG's intern Sara.

+ Getting overly excited about the new Benefit Mascara coming out later this month. It's only in black at the moment but apparently they'll be bringing a plum one out after too!

Amy shows us her favourite alternative to lipstick.

Keiko's makeup is simply flawless.

Attention Tumblr beauty bloggers: Tumblr wants to send you to New York Fashion Week!

+ Chatting to Gem about her nails and trying build up the courage to have a try at some nail art.

+ After looking at this fantastic tutorial for colour dip dyed hair, I really wish there was a great version for dark hair!
+ Benefit's Sugarbomb blusher - I would not be able to live without it! (I'll be posting a full review sometime soon!

+ Cait has put together a brilliant half moon nail tutorial!

+ Looking for all my little post its and notes to properly compile my Essie nail polish wish list into one place.

+ Carlinn has put together a tutorial for how to do a fishtail braid - I'm going to try this later this week - I've always wanted to be able to do it!

Emily has a great tip for what else to do with your Nars 'Orgasm' blusher.

+ Trying out the Clinique Chubby Sticks at the counter - they are really moisturising and I love the texture!

+ I love Clinique. Why do I not have anything in Black Honey yet?

+ Elsie has put together a beehive hair tutorial that I will be trying this week as well!

What have you been enjoying this week?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Product Review: The Body Shop Moringa Foaming Bath

One afternoon as part of my ongoing quest for the perfect bubble bath I logged onto The Body Shop's website to check out what they had in their never ending range of scents and flavours. Many of the different liquids on the site were listed as for bath and shower, but only the Moringa and Coconut scents came in the foaming bath variety. 
I had actually intended to pick up the coconut variety in store, but when I smelt them both I was blown away by the lovely Moringa fragrance. Two to three squeezes in a hot bath makes lots of creamy and moisturising bubbles, and the smell lingers pleasantly rather than disappearing the moment it hits the water like some other liquids - I would recommend this and will be replacing my bottle once it is all gone. Also, at £8 it is not exactly breaking the bank!

What is your favourite bubble bath?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Product Review: Clinique Choco-latte Eyeshadow Quad

Clinique was the first makeup brand I ever tried, and to this day they are still my go to for pressed eyeshadows. When they discontinued my favourite duo I started buying brown quads in a quest to find one where every single colour will suit me and get used up in the end - I picked up this one in the duty free at San Fransisco International. 
I really love the terracotta brown on the far right, very similar to the pink brown I wore the whole of last summer form Clinqiue's limited edition Bamboo Pink quad, but the other darker brown I think might just be a little bit too dark for the amount of shiny pigment in it, I think if it had a bit more shimmer it would blend better and be a bit more wearable for every day. The right hand light shade I think I'll use most of, but I have a feeling the shade on the far left is far too light and will still be pretty might untouched when I hit the pans in all the rest. 
The shadow is just a lovely, velvety and pigmented and I'd expect and glides on easily with a fluff brush, and densely with a foam applicator or a precision brush. 

If you have not already tried them, I really recommend you pick up a Clinique eyeshadow to try. I know I'm a ultimate Benefit junkie, but I still prefer Clinique to them, and unless I'm totally blown away by Nars when I finally get my hands on one, I don't think my Clinique eyeshadow love affair will be over any time soon! 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weekly Polish: Essie 'Nice Is Nice'

Ever since I got a sample of 'Rock The Croc' in Tatler magazine I have fallen head over heels in love with Essie nail polish - one of the only formulas that manages to stay on my nails for at least a week. However, it's rather expensive here in England, so I was very excited to discover that it sells for about $8 in CVS when I was in San Fransisco. 
After a lot of deliberation I went for 'Nice Is Nice' from their French Affair collection and it has quickly become my all time favourite and go to nail polish shade, I think I've only had my nails done in two other colours since I brought it back in April. 
Since 'Rock The Croc' ran out, I only own another Essie polish from the same collection, 'Coat Azure' but my wish list of Essie shades is rapidly expanding, and now includes Status Symbol (a really pretty pink), Mint Candy Apple & Bahama Mama (plum).

What do you think of Essie nail polishes? Any shades on your wish list?

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Product Review: Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream

I love my hair long and glossy, and for absolutely ages I have been trying to find the perfect product for my tips to sort out how they get a bit dry even a few weeks after I've had a trim. I have found out that using Lush's Jasmin and Henna Fluff Ease every other week adds to general shine and moisture, but I have yet to find a serum product I'm happy with. I've been using a L'Oreal one for a while, but I find it makes my hair too greasy, and the John Frieda one is too thick. I used both of these because I used to corresponding shampoos, so I decided, as I now use Herbal Essences it was time to try their offering! 
It smells like nice conditioner, and it looks like it too. I was quite worried when I first squeezed it into my palm because all it seemed to be was a conditioner which I was worried would leave my hair sticky, greasy and not dry at all as it would if I massaged conditioner into wet  or dry hair without washing it out. 
On wet hair, with my medium long hair all I need is one squirt to rub it into all of my hair tips. I have been using it every day after I wash my hair, and I have found that the dryness in my tips has not reappeared since having my hair cut, when it usually would have done by now! It also makes my hair easier to brush without damaging it while it is in because it acts like conditioner in wet hair, but it does not leave my hair noticeably with product in when it has dried. 

On dry hair it is harder to avoid sticky clumping, but rubs in okay. It makes you smell like hair product (a good or a bad thing depending on your preference), but it makes your hair thicker, nicer and glossier!

What hair serums and creams do you use? Has anyone else tried this one?

Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Beauty Black Book: P.S. It's Vida

Thanks for all your lovely feedback on my first My Beauty Black Book post - I really appreciate it! Today I've caught up with Vida from P.S. It's Vida, a beautiful beauty blog that I just can't get enough of! (The photos in this post are from Vida's blog, thanks Vida for letting me use them!)
Essie Nail Polish: Borrowed & Blue, Status Symbol, Lollypop

Lipgloss: Clarins Instant light natural lip perfector. This lipgloss is completely non-sticky and feels amazing on the lips. Although it is very sheer (which I kind of like), you only need a small amount to get a really glossy, smooth effect. They smell amazing too!

Lipstick: At the moment it is MAC's 'Hue'. It is such a pretty pale pink nude that goes with everything.

Nail Polish: I can't pick one! But for the sake of this post, I would probably pick Essie's 'Status Symbol'. It is the prettiest magenta pink.

Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous. It gives me thick full lashes just the way I like them.

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked. It is kinda boring, but I use this all the time in the crease and all over the lid. I think it gives a really sultry, neutral look.

Concealer: I haven't tried that many concealers, but the one I like the most out of the ones I have tried is Maybelline's mineral power concealer. It is really lightweight and practically disappears into your skin. This is good if you want light coverage that will help even out your skin tone and not look obvious.

Blusher: A hard one, but I think it would be NARS 'Deep Throat'. It's beautiful peachy pink that goes with lots of things. It's got good pigmentation and leaves a great finish on the skin.

Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow. Good coverage, nice dewy natural finish, and leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth.

Eyeliner: Clinique brush on gel eyeliner in black. Super creamy and pigmented, you need so little of this to get a great line. I am almost done with mine, and I can safely say that this will probably never dry out on you.
Moisturiser: Dermalogica skin smoothing cream. Lightweight and moisturizing, it sinks into your skin super fast.

Face Wash: Origins checks and balances. It lathers up so nicely and really leaves my face feeling clean.

Bubble Bath: Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. The scent of this drives me crazy (in a good way).

Shower Gel: Lush Olive Branch. Smells amazing and is the best thing for morning showers.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Whats In My Makeup Bag? (14/07/11)

I love reading about and looking at photos of what other people keep in their bags, and what's the beauty bloggers version of a handbag post? A makeup bag post! My Cath Kidston makeup bag is relatively small, so everything I carry around in it are the products I use on at least a semi regular basis, the stuff I use every day usually being found at the top of the bag. 

If a product name is a hyperlink, clicking will take you to my review of that product! 
Benefit's Sugarbomb blush is my every day go-to, I'm on my 3rd one and I've been in love with it ever since it first came out. I usually use blush all over my face to even my skin tone and give it a bit of a healthy glow, so I use darker blushes as highlighters. I think I prefer Benefit's Coralista, but my current darker highlight is Benefit's Bella Bamba. My paler summer highlighter is Clinique's Blushing Blush Powder in Iced Lotus. I don't think I'm quite happy with it though, and I'd really love to try some Nars blushes. 
For my eye makeup I usually use a brown Clinique quad, but I have not found one I'm totally happy with yet. This one is Choco-latte, and I've only just started using it after grabbing it at Duty Free in San Francisco. For summery looks I love purple and gold, because they go great together, and purple is my favourite colour. At the moment I'm getting my fix from Clinique's Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Beach Plum. For a smokey eye I've been using Inikia's Mineral Eyeshadow in Gun Metal.
I'm big on my tints, and I don't know what I'd do without Benetint for my cheeks and lips. I recently got Posie Tint free with Glamour, and though I'll use it I don't really like the gel like texture so I won't be repurchasing. 
I usually only use eyeliner, black for an evening look. I use Mac Tecknikol liner, but I've been falling in love with plum eyeliner because of the Covergirl Liquiline Blast I picked up in America, but instead of repurchasing I think I'll get a purple Mac one instead! 
You can always see a big improvement in my skin when I use a highlighter, and I've been using Nars Orgasm Illuminator every single day as a base under my makeup. I use Benefit's Highbeam for an evening look, and Topshop's Sunbeam highlighter powder when I'm just dashing out the house to go the the supermarket or something, and I'm not putting my full face of makeup on. 
The one product I would not be able to live without is my Benefit Boi-ing concealer, but I also really love Benefit Speed Brow set because my eyebrows are mental!

I don't use them as much as I use the Covergirl eyeliner I picked up in California, but I do use the Smokey Shadow Blast cream eyeshadow stick and the the Outlast Lipstain.
I use Benefit's Bad Gal plum mascara every day, but because I'm not the biggest fan of the formula for black I use Clinique's cult High Impact mascara. I hate wearing waterproof mascara, but for when I have to I find Clinique's Lash Power does the trick!
I'm slowly but surely building my collection of brushes, and at the moment I use Benefit's Fluff Shadow Brush for my eyeshadows, Benefit's Slant Powder Brush for my blusher and a Clinique Brow Comb on my brows and eyelashes.
Last but not least, lipstick. (I only use one lipgloss, Clinique Superbalm in 09 Current that lives in my handbag). In the front we have my two go to shades, both Satin Mac colours, Captive for a bold look and Brave for everyday. In the rear we have my new Clinique lipstick in Berry Freeze and the All For Eve lipstick in Eve Red that came in my May Glossy Box

It would take you ages to say what you all keep in your makeup bags, so instead, what type of makeup bags does everyone use?

Monday, 11 July 2011

Product Review: The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter

Usually I'm not that big on body creams and lotions that have a strong scent of perfume as I find them a bit overpowering, but I find that this 'Dreams Unlimited' fragrance is rather pleasant, and reminded me quite a bit of the original Benefit fragrance. I find that this is really nice to use as an alternative to moisturiser so I don't have to put on perfume every day.
As far as how it does moisturising, I could not complain of any dryness, it is not sticky and it makes your skin feel silky smooth. It i a lot thinner in texture than some of the other Body Shop body butters, and I think this works in its favour.
I really like this product, and I'd buy it again, but maybe trying it with their new Lychee Blossom scent I took a fancy to last time I was in The Body Shop.

Has anyone else tried this lotion before? What did you think? What are the other scents like?

Friday, 8 July 2011

My Beauty Black Book: Beauty Comes From Within

So, this is the first post in a new series I'm starting for The Glossy Guide, called 'My Beauty Black Book' where I catch up with some of my favourite beauty bloggers to ask them about their all time favourite and go to products! I caught up with Sophie from Beauty Comes From Within, one of my latest beauty blog finds for a chat about some of her favourite products! (The photos in this post are from Sophie's blog, thanks Sophie for letting me use them!)
Lipgloss: Fashion Fanatic Plushglass by MAC, it came out with the Quite Cute collection and has been my go-to lipgloss ever since. Wish I bought a few backups!

Lipstick: Lovelorn by MAC! This is such a lovely, complimenting colour against my lighten than NC15 skin. Not too bright, not too boring.

Mascara: One By One from Maybelline, even though I haven't had it for long. It concentrate all the volume at the roots, I need this in waterproof for holding the curl though.

Eyeshadow: I have sooo many favourites, but I'd have to say Naked Lunch by MAC. It's the most beautiful light shimmery peach/vanilla I've ever seen.

Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer as it lasts all day and has great coverage. I find it dries out quickly though.

Blusher: Rose Gold by Sleek. I'm a fan of all the Sleek blushes, especially Coral, Pomegranate and Flamingo. Great value for money!

Foundation: I hate foundation as I can never find the perfect shade for my skin as I'm so pale. If it could match my skin tone I would say Revlon Colorstay.

Eyeliner: By definite Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner. It says all day without smudging and I love the brush.

Nail Polish: Jewel by Nubar, it's a gorgeous shimmery/glittery brown. Love it!
Body Moisturiser: Jergen's Naturals Skin Firming moisturiser. I still have so many to try from my stash, so I'm sure this will be knocked from the top spot soon!

Tanning Lotion: I am loving the Garnier Gradual Tanner. It's the most gorgeous bronze colour and I picked mine up for £2 at Tesco rather than £7.

Face Cream: Liz Earle's Skin Repair is my baby! My skin would be a mess without Liz Earle.

Eye Cream: I don't use an eye cream regularly but I do use my Garnier Eye Roll On everyday without a doubt. It gets rid of my under eye bags.

Face Wash: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is the closest thing to a face wash for me! Face washes are too drying for me!

Bubble Bath: Butterball Ballistic by Lush. It moisturises my body so I can miss the body moisturiser step! (I absolutely adore the Butterball Bath Ballistic too! - Rachel)

Shower Gel: At the moment I'm loving The Body Shop's Strawberry or Cherry body wash.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Mega Shampoo by Aussie, and Aussome Volume Conditioner by Aussie. My favourite hair brand by miles!
Any other products you would say are in your personal 'beauty black book'? 

I would have to say my go to primer at the moment is a Mineral Primer by Young Blood. I was given a few of their products to try and have fallen in love with it. I also love their Moisture Tint! I also use my Aussie Heat Protectant daily, so I should mention that too. My hair would be a state without it!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Product Review: Urban Outfitters Matte Nail Polish

I've wanted to try matte nail polish since I first came across it, but I've had this bottle sitting there unopened on my dressing table for months, unopened waiting for the summer when I like to wear brighter colours on my nails. 
I'd heard really good things about this polish, and as nail polish does not really have a very good track record of staying put on my nails for very long. As far as staying power, with no base or top coat is concerned it lasted a couple of days, which is really good for me. I'd say it lasted a day or two longer than Models Own polishes do. 
My mother told me that the colour looked tacky and I was not sure about it myself at first, but after about a day it really, really grew on me. The only thing I did not like about it was the fact that it was not really matte. It had a matte-ish sheen at first, but not what you'd expect, then after a day or two of wear it polished up to about the finish of a Barry M nail polish.

I really liked this polish, but only after it had de-matted itself, and I'm still now on the hunt for a nice matte polish to try. Has anyone else tried the Urban Outfitters matte polishes?

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Fish Doctor Fish Pedicure

On Thursday I went to try a Doctor Fish pedicure with Sherin and Susie at Elite Beauty in Canterbury. I think the best way to describe the experince is 'interesting'!
Sherin was absolutely terried and barely kept her feet in the water at all! It took Susie a while to get used to, and the fish seemed to really love her feet, and after a minute or two I absolutely loved the experience. Because I wish to preserve our friendship, this photo of Sherin's fear will be the only one I post, save the really good ones for the 'privacy' of Facebook - lets just say that fish are now her new phobia!
It was £15 for 30 minutes, which compared to London prices was an absolute bargain. For those of you who don't know, the treatment involves little fish eating the dry skin off of your feet. I was quite happy with how my feet felt soft after, my toes felt silky even, but I have really, really dry feet so after the time I did notice a big difference, but I think I'll need at least another session to really sort them out. Also, because so much of my feet are made up of pretty much rock solid dry skin, my soles were a bit sore for the rest of the day and the next day too. 
Lots of people have asked me about the hygine of the treatment, but our feet were washed before hand, and there was a constant pump in the tank so I don't think it was even as bad as a public swimming pool - quite clean in fact.

I don't think it is for everyone, but if your curious or have problem feet I really recommend you give this treatment a go!

Has anyone else had a fish pedicure?