Saturday, 1 October 2011

Product Review: Sachajuan Hair Conditioner

This bottle of Sachajan came in the first Boudoire Prive box, and as a luxe hair product junkie I was really excited to try it!
I really, really wish it was not £20 a bottle. Or that I had more money. Because this conditioner is actually amazing - it left my hair silky, glossy and strong and this was without using the array of leave in conditioners and hair oils I need to turn to. My hair was actually in better condition than if I had been. It does not smell of anything other than conditioner and it is quite hard to get the product out of the bottle, but even so if you can afford it I really recommend it - I'd love to try some more of their products! 

Those of you who have tried Sachajuan products before, or got this conditioner in your September box, what did you think? 


  1. Ooh this looks so luxurious and nice, I would love to try it if it wasn't so expensive!

  2. I loved it but found I only got two uses out of the one we got in the glossy box. £20 is just too expensive for me. A good Christmas or Birthday gift though :) xx

  3. um i really love your nail colour!

  4. £20 is steep, maybe treat yourself and save it for special occasions..?